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The Story Behind Gravity Punk: A Sculpture Inspired by Daft Punk

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

My love for science fiction and astrology takes me back to when I was a child. I recall watching a cartoon called “chobin” and asked myself, do other lifeforms exist on other planets? This very thought excited me. Even though “Chobin” has nothing to do with the work we are doing, I felt there is a connection on how it playes a role in our vision today which heightens our ability to be creative and show various expressed methods of suspension and gravity shown in various forms. All rooting back to childhood interests.

The initial concept was sketched by hand. From there a rendering was created with Blender to be followed by the 3D design created on ZBrush. While creating the design anatomy I always refer to my go to book “Anatomy for Sculptors” by Uldis Zarins which always provides a great deal of help always.

3D concept render gravity sculpture with lighting
Gravity Punk

In my vision, the moon hung from the ceiling shinning the perfect lighting down on the gravity sculpture creation down at a lower distance from it.

A respective client put in an order request for this piece but I did not have the opportunity to make the exact same concept idea I had. They had their own varation of it which included the sculpture but did not include the moon.

The dimensions of the work are of a full-sized character with a height of 180 cm. The installation had its challenges due to suspending the sculpture from its extremely uncommon height combined with a glass roof above statue. In my vision this glass roof would have provided a unique lighting effect to the moon causing a lighting effect to show off the sculpture at night. This was not their vision unfortunately. Nevertheless, the result was satisfactory for the client.

Visual arts are meant to be precisely showcased with the right environment or the work will not showcase its true meaning to its viewers. Although it was not installed in a good space (in my opinion), I feel it did get a more impressive view. The material is made of fiberglass and the weight is approximately under 30 kg.

This very design can be rebuilt for you. If your creative jucies are flowing and you want us to work with you to design your own idea we can make an exclusive design for you so no one can re-order it.

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