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The World is Yours: A Unique Astronaut Sculpture by Nikano Studio

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

If you're looking for a unique sculpture that combines art, astronomy, and basketball, you

might want to check out "The World Is Yours," a striking astronaut sculpture by Nikano Studio. This sculpture was created for an event called In the Paint, a basketball-themed show held in April 2023 at the LocalGallery, a popular art venue on College Street, Toronto.

As you can see from the picture, the world is yours, there is a statue of an astronaut floating between earth and space, holding a white basketball. This sculpture is made of fiberglass and painted in white. The basketball is not a real ball, but a sculpture that Studio Nikano made from scratch to look like a real ball. The statue is 60 inches tall and weighs 50 pounds.

One of the best features of this sculpture is that it is designed as an interior decor piece that can fit any environment such as a home, office, shop or gallery. The statue is also customizable, as you can put something else in the astronaut's hand. This statue is a great choice for anyone who loves the galaxy and space or basketball or both. This astronaut figurine is a great piece of interior design for any space lover.

The world is yours, the result of our creativity and skill at Nikano Studio, a Toronto-based studio that loves to design and create unique sculptures. We spent two months working on this sculpture, using various tools and techniques to make it look realistic and expressive. We put a lot of effort and care into making this sculpture, such as choosing the best material for the basketball ball, ensuring the stability of the sculpture and adding the details of the astronaut’s suit. We aimed to achieve the highest quality and satisfaction.

If the world is yours or you like other sculptures we've made, you can visit our online gallery or follow us on social media. You can also contact us to order your custom sculpture or inquire about pricing and availability. On our Instagram page, you can see some of our posts about the event In the Paint, where we showcased our sculpture along with other artists' works. You can also watch a short reel of the opening night show, where you can see how people reacted to our sculpture.

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