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Rocksteady Rhino Sculpture

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

There’s no greater feeling then creating a unique piece that’s truly one of its kind. This Rocksteady Rhino sculpture was completed in 2019. We were contacted by a client who owned a luxury gym facility well known by famous body builders. His vision was to incorporate a body building theme with a character that would carry the significance of a Goliath figure. Rocksteady Rhino was born after a significant amount of work. The span of this sculpture was an impressive 10’ span wide, weighing approximately 50kgs composed of fibreglass. Calling a world class gym as its home it offered an impression of strength to all within eye sight of the piece.

This design can be reproduced in any variation your dreams may desire. The only thing stopping your creation is your imagination, if you can’t see the final vision we are here to work with you and complete it for you by providing renderings until you find your vision!

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