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The Veiled Virgin : A Classical sculpture of Art and History

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The veiled virgin sculpture is a stunning work of art that shows the Virgin Mary with a thin veil covering her face. It was made by Giovanni Strazza, an Italian sculptor, in Rome in the 1850s. The sculpture is amazing for its realistic and fine details of the veil, which looks like it is made of cloth instead of stone. The sculpture also has a symbolic meaning, as the veil represents Italy and its struggle for unification.

The veiled virgin sculpture was brought to Canada in 1856 by Bishop John Thomas Mullock, who got it from Rome. He placed it in the Episcopal Palace next to St. John’s Basilica in Newfoundland. In 1862, he gave it to the Presentation Convent, where it has been kept ever since. The sculpture is considered a masterpiece of art and a treasure of Newfoundland and Labrador heritage. It is not open to the public, but it can be seen by appointment.

The veiled virgin sculpture is a classical sculpture for interior design or for anyone who loves Roman sculptures because it is beautiful, elegant, historical, cultural, masterful, and innovative. It is a tribute to the Virgin Mary, to Italy, and to art. By creating another version of it with fiberglass material in 28 inch height, you have made it more accessible for people who want to enjoy this amazing sculpture in their own homes or offices.

The designer of another version of the veiled virgin sculpture is Reza Sedghi

In ancient Rome, the Vestals were the priestesses of "Vesta", the goddess of home, family and hearth. they guarded the sacred flame in the temple, if the fire died out, the high priestess would accuse one of the virgins of unchastity and sent one of them to the underground chamber for the rest of her life as punishment. many artists have used the "Veiled Virgin" as the basis for their masterpieces. Most of these works represent Vestals with a veil, showing innocence and decency. I have lived in a society where veiling is a means of misogyny and fettering freedom. And the subject of Veiled Virgin immediately reminded me of the society in which I live. Here, Veiling is an excuse for power seekers to throw women, who are an important part of society, out of the scene. This coercive veil does not reflect free choice because it muffles the cry of freedom. This is an example of suffocation and ignorance which with the complicity of each other, destroys the human life.

These photos show a small 3D printed version of the veiled virgin sculpture

and The photos below show the 28 inch fiberglass version of the veiled virgin sculpture that we made in our studio

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